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Benefits of Xanthan gum

ADC Solutions India - Xanthan Gum Supplier, Dealer, Exporter in India

When consumed or used at once, Xanthan gum cannot create an issue in a body. There may be some benefits on a short-term basis, but this additive can cause serious side effects on a long-term basis as well. Chemfert Chemicals is the leading XANTHC Polymer supplier, exporter & dealer in India. #1 Xanthan Gum dealer in India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad. Xanthan gum is also known as Jink Gum.

Several studies have, in fact, proved that this additive can have some benefits such as:

  • Laxative effect
  • Added fiber
  • Balancing glucose level
  • Reduce "bad" cholesterol

Xanthan Gum side effects

Consuming this additive to recommended levels can cause serious side effects including digestive problems, imbalance serum sugar levels, and more. Adc Solutions India is the leading xanthan gum supplier in India. Since this additive is a component of many daily routine items, it becomes easier to exceed the recommended value. Some of the side effects that can usually be seen among people include:

• Stimulated digestive system

• irritated respiratory system

• Increased risk of hypoglycaemia

• Impaired bowel movement

• Allergic reaction

Protect Xanthan gum

Different options can be used instead of Xanthan Gum to improve the quality of the food and avoid any possible side effects. Some of these options include:


Psyllium Fiber: Psyllium Fiber is a soluble fiber known to reduce the body's "bad" cholesterol, as well as to balance sugar levels and improve stomach health. This fiber forms a gel-like viscous structure when mixed with water and, therefore, can be used as a thick property.


Seeds: Chia seeds and flaxseeds have a tendency to absorb water and form gel structures, making them an ideal replica of Xanthan Gum. However, these seeds have their own distinct taste and can add to the taste.


Agar Agar: It is a vegetarian source for thickening the solution, which has little effect and is obtained from seaweed. It is tasteless and can be added to cooked products.


Gelatin: Derived after the breakdown of collagen, gelatin is a carnivorous source and can be used in various food products to thicken and replenish it.


Are the various companies Xanthan Gum involved?


Xanthan gum acts as a fat and filler in food products which gives a higher yield of a product at the same price. Many supplement companies include it in their products due to it being mixed with water. It also provides a feeling of fullness that adds satiety to their product and makes them cost effective, but with no added nutritional benefits. Additionally, the additive adds bulk to such a supplement due to its filler property, adding additional mass and keeping the cost of the product cheaper.


Xanthan gum is obtained from the fermentation of individual sugars, such as glucose, lactose, and sucrose, from natural sources. It is a polysaccharide molecule that is used as an additive due to its concentric and emulsifying properties. It can be found in many daily usable items, from toothpaste and salad dressings to dietary supplements and cosmetics. Xanthan gum is used by various companies, depending on the thickness, viscosity, and smoothness required of the product.


Xanthan gum can be found in baked products, cosmetics, ice creams, salad dressings, supplements, shampoos, toothpaste and more. Find one stop solution for Xanthan gum, XC Polymer, Anionic polymer, Cationic polymer, Polyanionic Cellulose High Viscosity supplier from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


ADC Solutions India is leading well known Xanthan gum Supplier in India. Find Xanthan Gum Exporter and Dealer in India.

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